Nitecore Ireland Frequently Asked Questions

How to access USB Charging Port

 This applies to Nitecore Multitask Hybrid series flashlights – model numbers MHxx.

The USB Port is accessed by gripping the knurled band on the Flashlight Head, and unscrewing the knurled band immediately below this to reveal the charging port.  Please ensure this is fully tightened after charging to ensure the waterproof capability of the flashlight.

USB Charging Operation

When active USB charging cable is attached to the flashlight, the red charging indicator will flash as follows:- 
Very quick flash – not charging – either rechargeable battery is inserted incorrectly, or the lamp is not switched on.
Slow Flash -  Charging correctly.
Please Note that the flashlight has to be switched on for charging operation to commence.  Once connected to charging port, lamp will not light when switched on.
Charging is only applicable to Lithium Ion 18650 Batteries, or rechargeable AA Ni-MH Batteries