Nitecore Flashlights

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Nitecore range of professional state of the art led flashlights, featuring CREE leds. High output, durable and...



  • Hunting / Shooting Lights

    Range of tough waterproof LED Flashlights and accesories for hunting / shooting. Includes gun-mounts for your lamp.

  • Outdoor / Adventure Lights

    Waterproof LED Flashlights and Accessories suitable for Hiking, Camping, Sailing, or any outdoor activity. All our flashlights are waterproof to IPX8 standard and are impact resistant. With a long battery life, they are ideal for all trips away from home.

  • Personal Flashlights

    Our range of LED flashlights small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, or even on your keyring, yet with a lighting intensity that only modern LED technology can deliver. Never feel vulnerable in the dark again. Ideal to carry in your car during those long winter nights. No home should be without one.

  • Tactical / Service Flashlights

    Range of quality LED flashlights specially designed for professional / service use. These range from the P26 Tactical light to the MH40 Security / Police Flashlight. All are fully waterproof and impact resistant, and designed to mil spec for the professional.

  • Search and Rescue

    Professional hand held LED Flashlights ideally suited for search and rescue purposes. All come with a holster and belt attachment and a lanyard for professional use. They are robust and fully waterproof to IPX8 standard, and most can be recharged directly from a 12 Volt outlet in the vehicle / boat.