It’s late Friday night and you’re walking to your car after a fun evening with your friends downtown. As you turn the corner down an unlit side street, you see a shadow dart across the wall and hear footsteps. The hairs on your neck stand straight up. You quicken your pace, but the other footsteps speed up as well. You look around trying to make out shapes in the dark, when out of nowhere a fist connects with your cheekbone. The sucker punch takes you to the ground and you can feel your wallet being taken from your back pocket.

Before you have time to react, your assailant has disappeared back into the cover of darkness.  You really could have used a flashlight  !!!.

While it is illegal to carry any kind of offensive weapon in Ireland, a high output LED flashlight with Strobe Function could give you the few vital seconds needed to save yourself from this scenario.  The high intensity beam from a tactical flashlight will of course flood light these darkened areas , and the Strobe Function can disorientate your would be assailant long enough for you to safely exit the area.

The following flashlights are from our tactical range, as used by police forces and military. They are made from anodised aluminium , are fully waterproof, and have a light output of at least 800 lumen, in addition to the strobe function.  They are all shipped with a holster, and the rechargeable flashlights include a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.

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Please note :  We may require proof of identity when purchasing any of our tactical flashlights with Strobe function.
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