NITECORE Flashlight accessories will enhance the functionality of your new light by the use of diffusers, traffic wands, filters, gun mounts, and remote switching devices.  In addition, we supply matching lithium-ion batteries and quality battery chargers to ensure your new flashlight is always ready for immediate use.
Lithium-Ion rechargeable 18650 Battery designed for high drain devices.  2300mAh 3.7 Volt.  Standard battery for your compatible Nitecore Flashlight.
Lithium-Ion rechargeable 18650 Battery.  Extended power of 2600mAh 3.7 Volt.  Gives longer usage time to your compatible Nitecore Flashlight.
Lithium-Ion non-rechargeable CR123 Battery.  Standard battery for your 'C' class Nitecore Flashlights.
Battery Chargers
2 Slot and 4 Slot Intelligent Battery Chargers.  Can allow the charging of different battery types at the same time.  Will charge Lithium-Ion 18650, RCR123 and NI-MH,NI-Cd AA,AAA,and C Batteries.
Silicon Grease for maintenance of your Nitecore Light. Use every 6 months to lubricate the watertight seals.
A range of different colour filters. Various sizes to fit compatible flashlights.  Red filter maintains night vision for the user.
Diffusers to turn your Nitecore Flashlight into a general purpose light.  Diffuses the light into a 360 degree all round lamp.
Traffic Wand. Various size to fit compatible Nitecore Lights.  Usage for Emergency Services and Policing.
Remote Switch.  Used with the Tactical Range of Nitecore Flashlights for temporary illumination.  Usage for Hunting and Tactical.
Headband for your Nitecore Flashlight.  Fully adjustable.  Suitable for a wide range of activities including caving, sailing and boating.
Bike Mount to turn your Nitecore Light into a powerful safety feature when cycling at night.
Gun Mounts. Various sizes.  Use with Remote Switch for hunting and tactical applications.

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